Saturday, August 10, 2013

musings on photography and the art of learning {Kamloops, BC child photographer}

As long as I have been in this business, I find that there is always something new to learn. 

Things that I am just learning now are surely not new to the world of photography.  That world has been emerging and evolving for centuries with the discoveries of concepts like exposure and light, and the inventions and evolution of cameras over the years.

Each step that I take towards learning something new in my art makes my heart sing and I hope that singing is translated into my art.  The images in this post are unedited, definitely imperfect, and are my first attempt at a new way to photograph the world that makes my heart soar.

I hope you enjoy these moments with my youngest daughter.  A peaceful morning, beautiful light, perfect subject, light heart.

Tell me about something new that you have learned lately.  It doesn't have to be photography related, but if it is please share a link... I'd love to learn from you!

xoxo carrie

Monday, July 22, 2013

Daisies {a themed photo session by Classic Blue Photography in Kamloops, British Columbia}

See, the grass is full of stars, 
Fallen in their brightness; 
Hearts they have of shining gold, 
Rays of shining whiteness. 

Buttercups have honeyed hearts,
Bees they love the clover,
But I love the daisies' dance
All the meadow over.

Blow, O blow, you happy winds,
Singing summer's praises,
Up the field and down the field
A-dancing with the daisies.

Poem: Daisy Time by Marjorie Pickthall

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